Attentions for fuel-injection pump

The fuel injectiion pump is the important buildup component of diesel engine, is made up of many delicate spare parts.  Any incorrect use and carelessness can effect the normal work and useful life, and endanger the functions and reliabilityof engine,even occurr serious accident. So it must pay attention in use.

  1. Before use, please confirm the assembly code of fuel pump.
  2. Opening the timing cover plate capand confirming thejaws of slot outwards. Clean the grease, take off the tapped plugs of governor and injectthe engine oil.
  3. It must use the clean diesel, 72 hours precipition treatment before use,inject fuel with clean container.
  4. Installation and connectionshould keep totechnical requirements of diesel engine installation. The connection should be fastened, no leakage in pipe system.
  5. Adjust the fuel injection pump advanced angle according to the requirement of diesel engine.
  6. Regular maintenance, keep in good condition, reduce engine trouble.
  7. Remove the dirt, sediment and residual oil and inject the rust-preventative oil before long term storage.